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Interior Vegetation and Greenery

Interior Vegetation and Greenery

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Landscaping works are not just for the outdoors. While it is a very important aspect of the outdoor areas surrounding the house or a building, the interior needs just as much attention and designing.

Besides doing a number of landscaping works for several types of locations, including residential, industrial, and commercial places, we also give our clients the benefit of interior design expertise, and the peace of mind they need when they are looking to remodel, or get their interior done from scratch.

Starting from beautiful indoor plantation and foliage, and covering décor, design, and installation, we cover all aspects that need attention when it comes to giving the interior a warmer look.

Living Walls

Becoming increasingly popular in interior design these days, living walls are surfaces that are meant to be covered with plantation.

Often used in key areas in commercial settings, such as the lobbies, receptions and halls, they provide an excellent way to make the most of the available space.

Living walls are also great choices for places that have indoor plus outdoor theme, such as the entrances at commercial spaces, including restaurants, clinics, and more.

For detailing and a nature friendly first impression, they are also bound to look amazing on the indoor walls that do not have a roof on top.

The two most popular types of choices as far as living walls are concerned, are trailing trellises, which are also often used on house walls.

You can also use plantation panels that come with the vegetation being pre-grown.


Plants In The Office

Since the color green represents vitality and nature, its use is starting to grow in corporate and office settings.

The use of plants in the office, especially at key areas like the reception, conference rooms, and lobbies has several advantages that make them worth the investment.

Apart from improving the health of the air inside the office, they can also be used as temporary or permanent solutions to walls with holes, or other areas that need to be kept out of sight.

Plants and flower pots also have the ability to add value and beauty to the office space, making it stand out in comparison to other commercial locations.

Artificial Plants And Vegetation

For offices that do not have the resources to hire dedicated workers to look after the plants, there is still an alternative that comes with as much visual appeal, and very little maintenance.

Artificial plants are beautiful and versatile enough to be used almost anywhere in the office, including windowsills, conference room tables, and lobbies.

Lobbies And Receptions

We understand that the lobby or reception area is your business’s chance to make an amazing first impression.

This is why we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best possible vegetation landscaping, while staying true to their corporate décor choices.

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