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While designing a landscape for your villa or house, you need to take one step at a time and get it done before you push for the next one.

Start from the front

Always start from your front yard. By doing this you can create a wow factor for your guest even before them entering your home. Let them see how aesthetically picky you are when it comes to the beauty of your villa or house.

Hardscape First

Before setting up plants and herbs, make sure all the hardscaping is done. It includes porch, sidewalk, driveway, parking areas, decks, fencing and patios etc. These things include construction and some cannot be completed without concrete. They can damage the turf, disturb the soil and planting etc. So, these things should be done first.

Toil your soil

Make sure to add organic matter like shredded pine bark, peat moss, mushroom compost or leaf mold before planting flowers and herbs etc while toiling. It will make the soil fertile resulting in quick growth of plants.

Maintain a decent distance

The foundation planting should not cover your house. So plant and choose plantation sensibly. Low growing shrubs or groundcover should be preferred if you have low windows and openings. Large shrubs and trees are mainly at the corners.

Move to the Back

Don’t forget your backyard as it can serve as an enjoyment area. If you want privacy, go for wooden fencing, large shrubs etc. You can arrange dinners and family gatherings etc here.

Selection of right plants

Selection of right plants can add to your overall landscape. Some plants love the sun but are unable to tolerate severe sunshine. Here, you can take the help of an experienced landscape designer who can advise you about the right plants and herbs for a certain region.

Incorporating Your Personality

You can add some personal touches to the overall landscape as well. Add stones and plants of your choice around the fountain or water. Get creative with garden art, incorporate statues, a birdhouse or any other architectural masterpieces with low voltage lighting highlighting these items.

Final Touches

You can make your landscape customized with the addition of hanging plants, hanging baskets, small boxes and many more. Large containers placed right next to your entrance can make it look different and attractive. Make sure you use flowers sensibly too many colors may overdo it.

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