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Identify the Purpose of to Place Outdoor Lights

Before you should choose a specific type of outdoor light to place in your lawn, you have to identify the purpose behind doing so.

  • For instance, you may require outdoor lighting system to set a romantic mood while you sit in your lawn during evening hours.
  • Alternatively, your lawn has a shadowy garden corner, where you want to illuminate with lights for safety reasons.
  • Along with this, you may need to mount landscape lighting for marking its boundaries or simply want to reveal a few interesting features of the backyard area, like a pond or a water fountain.

Prepare a Sketch of Your Lawn/Landscape

Once you define the major reasons to add landscape lighting, you have to sketch the yard. You have to include the existing lights, benches, buildings, shrubs and trees, along with garden decors and vegetation. Reason for this is that each item mentioned here either absorbs or reflects the light. Because of this, you have to estimate the height of these objects, particularly the height of the foliage.

Types of Landscape Lightings at a Glance

You have to collect information about few of the basic types of lighting fixtures, which you may opt to place in the landscape.

  • Path Lights

Path lights are common types of landscape lights. These come as small posts and incorporate in built lights as well as capped by using a diffuser. You may spread out these path lights down the walkway or simply opt to frame out the outer space in your yard.

  • Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are useful as guideposts across the space of your lawn area or separate the driveway from your yard. Particularly, these lighting systems are excellent to enhance the style of your outer space or to give a stunning architectural look.

  • Spotlights

Spotlights are useful to highlight a variety of outdoor features. These include architectural and sculptural details, buildings and trees.

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