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Having a landscape garden without a shade structure will make use of the garden space less. It may not have a significant impact viewing it alone. But when it is well designed and implemented at the correct place in the landscape, it adds a lot of value to the garden environment. 

You may not easily notice that it is missing until you include it in your landscape.  There is so much beautifying potential of a shade structure or what is usually known as a pergola.  How does it improve your landscape?

Better relaxation outdoor areas

A shade structure can provide a better relaxation area in your garden and landscaped areas. It is not all the time you would love to stay in the comfort of your home. Sometimes, you would want to receive the fresh natural air. A shaded structure presents this opportunity for you.

It adds more color and beauty

Having a pergola in your landscape design will certainly add more color to the overall design. They have unique color and design options that can fit perfectly in your environment. In fact, the added beauty is one of the main reasons why pergola’s in landscapes has very high demand now. There are only few building structures you will see without a shade structure at the front and back gardens.

How to improve your landscape with a shade structure

Hanging String Lights

You can weave string lights on the framework of shade structure to create a unique appearance. On close view, it forms a ceiling that doesn’t prevent the night sky view. From afar, it resembles a garden sculptor. This adds more glamour to the overall appearance of your landscape.

Summer shade

The beautiful design of some of the shade structures make them very convenient for relaxation during the summer. Without this shade it will be difficult to stay in the garden for a long time. You can opt for a shade structure with cloth and lath design or a simple wooden pergola. This type provides the perfect protection against the sun, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor time for longer periods.

Overall, a shade structure will come in handy during the summer. Without this important structure, it will be difficult to relax in the garden during the day

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